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Donor Spotlight: Lori and Jim Ryan


Lori and Jim Ryan have donated monthly to Distress Centre since 2014. In that time, they have provided monetary support, advocated for our agency and played a key role in organizing our 2018 Lend An Ear event. Jim spoke at the event, sharing some of his own struggles and triumphs, and had clearly emotional impact on the audience, receiving a standing ovation from some [...]

Donor Spotlight: Lori and Jim Ryan2022-01-03T18:07:55+00:00

Get to know Cheryl Bernard, Lend An Ear keynote speaker


Cheryl Bernard competed on the Canadian women’s curling team at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. She felt a huge amount of pressure to win the gold medal while competing at home and as the Skip, she had the last rock to take the gold. She missed the shot. The team won the silver, a [...]

Get to know Cheryl Bernard, Lend An Ear keynote speaker2021-09-16T14:30:25+00:00

Get to know Kaiya Gamble! Local singer-songwriter speaks and performs at Lend An Ear 2021


Kaiya Gamble first started singing after her school music teacher approached her parents and told them that she has perfect pitch. Her parents put Kaiya in piano and voice lessons and she loved it. After about a year of lessons, she found her current vocal coach, who has worked with artists such as Sarah McLachlan, [...]

Get to know Kaiya Gamble! Local singer-songwriter speaks and performs at Lend An Ear 20212021-09-14T12:34:16+00:00

Volunteer Spotlight: Mortaza


Crisis line volunteer, Mortaza, is no stranger to giving back to the community. Before joining Distress Centre in the summer of 2020, he already held a wide range of volunteer roles, including: youth soccer coach, patient ambassador and mealtime volunteer at the University of Alberta hospital, and classroom volunteer at an elementary school. Mortaza was [...]

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Donor Spotlight: Shamir Ladhani


Image: Shamir and his daughter, Ambreena, who is a Distress Centre volunteer. Shamir has donated monthly to Distress Centre since 2012. He was first introduced to our agency when a friend invited him to Lend An Ear, Distress Centre’s annual fundraising event, in 2012. He signed up as a monthly donor at the event and [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Elissa


Crisis line volunteer Elissa* is no stranger to dealing with life’s hardships. She endured years of struggle and overcame many challenges before finding her way to Distress Centre, and she said that she’s been able to leverage the lessons she’s learned in her personal life to better support Distress Centre’s service users. Elissa worked as [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Li


Mark Li began his volunteering journey at Distress Centre in October 2020, when he made a strong first impression on our Training Coordinator, Trevor. “Mark shocked me when I asked a question to the training group and he pulled out a colour coded binder with the answers to my questions,” said Trevor, who is also [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Katherine Peters


“Being part of Distress Centre has enriched me as a person and a social worker. It has given me the tools to better understand and apply these tools to crisis intervention. As a human it has opened my eyes to a world of mental health struggles and humbled me. I feel I can better empathize, [...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Katherine Peters2021-04-06T13:18:00+00:00

Volunteer Spotlight: Romit Panesar


Some people know from early in their lives what they have passion for. The vast majority however, discover which areas interest them through experience and exploration. For Romit Panesar, a crisis line and leadership volunteer at Distress Centre, an unexpected introduction to mental illness is what drove him to find his passion in life. Romit [...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Romit Panesar2020-11-05T09:00:37+00:00

50 Stories Part 23: That’s Dedication – Glenda Nyberg, Volunteer from 1983 to 2002


Image: Glenda Nyberg in her home in 2018. Read - 50 Stories Part 22 From the beginning, volunteers have been the backbone of Distress Centre’s service to the community. One of many individuals who have commented on their importance is Dr. Jackie Sieppert, Dean of Social Work at the University of Calgary and former Board [...]

50 Stories Part 23: That’s Dedication – Glenda Nyberg, Volunteer from 1983 to 20022020-06-16T09:00:08+00:00
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