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Report to the Community

2021 Report to the Community


HOPE GROWS IN THE FACE OF CHALLENGES 2021 was a tough year. Albertans continued to deal with COVID-19 alongside their own personal challenges and crises. Distress Centre was always there to listen and offer hope to those who needed it through such uncertain times. See our Report to the Community to learn about our [...]

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2018 Report to the Community


We're here for you when things seem dark. Everyone has dark days, dark thoughts and dark moods. Often these dark clouds come and go, but sometimes the storm doesn’t pass so quickly. This year, we’ve helped thousands of Calgarians find their way to a brighter place. See the 2018 Report to the Community [...]

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2017 Report to the Community


We are all connected. Today, our world is more connected than ever by things like social media, text and chat. Yet with all this digital connection, we lose human contact—seeing words and images on a screen instead of the people behind them. We consume faster, compare ourselves to other people’s “highlight reels” and become [...]

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2016 Report to the Community


WHAT WE CARRY WITH US SAYS A LOT ABOUT WHAT WE’RE GOING THROUGH In 2016, Distress Centre provided support for 113,975 contacts. We didn’t judge. We didn’t discriminate. We were just here for them in their time of need. Read some of their stories in our Report to the Community. VIEW OUR 2016 REPORT TO [...]

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2015 Annual Report


NEED HELP? CAN HELP? For our 2015 Annual Report we wanted look back on our growth and accomplishments in 2015 while also looking ahead to 2016. Knowing what a difficult year 2015 was for many, and how it continues to be challenging into 2016, we wanted to focus on two pieces. Need help? We [...]

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2014 Annual Report


24 HOUR SUPPORT, 24 HOUR ANNUAL REPORT. As Calgary’s only 24 hour community support agency, the Distress Centre ensures everyone is heard — any time they want to talk, text or chat. For this year’s annual report, we’re giving you the chance to see what happens in 24 hours at the Distress Centre with [...]

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2013 Annual Report


Ever wonder what it’s like to pick-up the phone at the Distress Centre? Our volunteers answer over 100,000 texts, calls and emails for help a year. For this year’s annual report, we created a unique mobile phone experience that enables you to see what it’s like to sit in our call centre and answer [...]

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