Make a career out of making a difference.

“I’m helping change lives. How great is that?”
Contact Centre Staff

 As Calgary’s only 24 hour crisis agency we are often the first point of contact for those seeking help. We are uniquely positioned to provide crisis intervention support via phone, chat and email; professional counselling; 24/7 information and referrals through 211; flexible financial assistance; peer support for youth via phone, email, chat and text; and, advocacy for clients in crisis. We do not judge. We do not define crisis so anyone can call us day or night and all of our services are free.


Distress Centre loves to provide opportunities for work advancement to our staff and volunteers. The majority of our staff started as a volunteer on the lines and approximately 70% of our current staff are former volunteers or practicum students. Our goal is to fill the majority of our positions internally. If you are interested in a career at Distress Centre, the best way to get started is by applying to be a volunteer.

To check out our volunteer opportunities, application forms and training schedules, please see our volunteer opportunities section.